Sunday, January 13, 2013

Value and Check Table

Value and Check tables are both transparent tables and differs only on the context in where they are being used. An SAP table being used in a domain is called value table and it can be found in the value range tab as shown below:

In an ALV grid, if you want to create a drill down help popup window or F4 function, you may either choose Single Values (limited to 10 characters), Intervals, or Value table. In choosing Value table, you need first to create you transparent table, usually contains columns for the value you want to display in your ALV and the description of that particular value, and populate your records or entries as shown below:

Typically, in ALV F4 function, the popup window being shown will contain the Single values unless you made your transparent table as the check table of your ALV table as shown below:

So, the question is, how this value table becomes a check table. The answer is simply making the component or the field of the table above as foreign key by clicking the button that looks like a key:

Below is the window to make the table as check table and you may also add the columns in the F4 popup by making it as primary key.

In my case, MANDT, ACTION, and DESCR fields are the primary keys. Therefore, if the user clicks the drill down or F4 button, the below window should appear:

NOTE: Check table is used to validate the data being inputted - foreign key table level. Value table will contain the data for check table - domain level. Search help should contain the values of the table specified on the parameters. Therefore, if there are check table and search help, search help's table values will be shown and check table will be used as look up for the value being inputted in either selection screen or alv grid cell.

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