Monday, January 28, 2013

Confused of SAP LUW and DB LUW?

First of all, let's define LUW ( Logical Unit of Work). LUW as it name implies, it is a series of processes or work in an SAP system which are logically related. For example, one of the processes requires to add the name and employee number in a separate table at the same time or in one instance. Therefore, it is critical to the process to save (commit work) both the name and the employee number at one instance or do nothing at all (roll back).

DB LUW (Database Logical Unit of Work) is simply a generic term being used in referring to database maintenance in logical way i.e commit and roll-back done synchronously or asynchronously.

SAP LUW (SAP Logical Unit of Work) comprises of more than one dialog steps and this is the way SAP handles its DB LUW. To ensure the consistency of database changes, commit and roll back command should be included in the program. There is a technique to ensure consistency of data update within SAP LUW by bundling.

Three type of bundling techniques being used in SAP LUW:

1. Bundling using Function Modules for Updates by using CALL FUNCTION... IN UPDATE TASK
2. Bundling Using Subroutines by using PERFORM ON COMMIT
3. Bundling Using Function Modules in Other R/3 Systems by using CALL FUNCTION... IN BACKGROUND TASK DESTINATION...

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