Monday, September 26, 2011

Translating your SAP text

Have you ever encountered language translation problem or any SAP related problem with regards to language? In this topic, we are going to address that issue of yours. Just follow the below simple steps:

1. In your ABAP editor or any editor that you are currently on as long as it has a toolbar above and you can find this path:


then put the corresponding language you may want to translate. On the example below we are going to translate german to english:

then locate the program by double clicking it then you will see the text that you might need to translate in order to show in your SAP application when you run:

In our case, we will double click FBAS row then just change the text that you may want to translate then SAVE!

And that's it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Converting a SAPSCRIPT to PDF

Below are some of the things that you need to do in order for the sapscript to be converted into a pdf file. (We need to convert the spool instead of otf)

1. Make sure to move values to the ff. fields of OPTIONS parameter of FM OPEN_FORM:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cost Center and HR master exits and BADIs


1. Determine the receiving Partner Profile to receive.
2. Put COSMAS as message type on the receiving partner (only specified partner will have the  extended sgment)
3. include YCOSMA01 as the extended idoc for COSMAS mess type basic idoc COSMAS01
4. add additional code in badi :
   implementation name: ZCOOM_CI_CSKS_IDOC
   definition name: COOM_CI_CSKS_IDOC
   interface name: IF_EX_COOM_CI_CSKS_IDOC
   implementing class: ZCL_IM_COOM_CI_CSKS_IDOC

       CODE: upload data to segment as long as cost center date is valid.

FM: MASTERIDOC_CREATE_SMD_COSMAS <--- exits can be found here

Configuration for message type HRMD_A change pointer

1. Use message type hrmd_a (Your custom IDoc should have a Message Type and the Change Pointer should be activated for this Message Type. You can activate this via transaction SALE)
2. Use bd59 to define ALE obj
3. Activate change pointer globally in bd61

Just a checklist for ALE change pointer configuration

I want to share the steps in ALE/IDOC/EDI configuration. 

Below are the steps to look at in creating change pointer. The ff. steps are standard all across SAP IDOC/EDI/ALE related projects. No matter what you are aiming for as long as change pointer or IDOC is concerned, you are required to consider the steps below:

1. SM59(Create RFC destination)
2. WE21(Create TRFC-PORT)