Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a checklist for ALE change pointer configuration

I want to share the steps in ALE/IDOC/EDI configuration. 

Below are the steps to look at in creating change pointer. The ff. steps are standard all across SAP IDOC/EDI/ALE related projects. No matter what you are aiming for as long as change pointer or IDOC is concerned, you are required to consider the steps below:

1. SM59(Create RFC destination)
2. WE21(Create TRFC-PORT)

3. WE81(Create Basic type IF required)
4. WE31(Create Segment,IF required)
5. WE30(Create Basic type, IF required)
7. SCDO(Create Change Document, IF required)
8. BD50(Activate Change Pointers for the Message type,IF required)
9. BD52(Create Change Document Items for message type,IF required)
10. BD60(Attach FM,Basic type and Message type,IF required)
11. BD61(Activate Change pointers globally)
12. WE20(Create Partner Profiles , specify the reciver logical system)->In the Outbound Parameters , specify the message type, basic type, port information…)
13. BD64(Create model view)
    - for filtering, use bd66 and bd95 to add the field that will be used in filtering
14. BD21(To Create the idocs) or run program RBDMIDOC.

Hope you find it useful. More IDOC related topic to come! So watch out for it!

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