Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Function Exit in SAP DMEE


Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) is where you define the fields of your FTE or IDOC.

It is defined also by SAP AG as:
    The Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) enables you to define file formats that meet the requirements   of your financial institution. This is particularly important as there is no worldwide or regional standard. In some cases, no country standard exists and the file must comply with bank-specific standards. With no ABAP programming knowledge required, this tool enables you to flexibly define new formats and to efficiently modify existing ones. In addition, DMEE can be used by calling applications to generate a DME file.


In this topic, I will show you how to use the function exit in DMEE of a certain bank of a country.


We have a project before to change the default setup of one of our fields in our idoc fte. The current setup was being assigned to a constant value, but the business suggested to make it as dynamic or should follow a condition if when and where it will be getting its value. Thus, the best way to do this is by using the exit function available in dmee setup by SAP.

Ok, let's get started.


1. In SPRO, follow the below path

SPRO->Financial Accounting->Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable->Business Transactions->Outgoing Payments->Automatic Outgoing Payments->Payment Media->Make Settings for Payment Medium Formats from Payment Medium Workbench->Create Payment Medium Formats

OR you may check  in OBPM1 / OBPM2 / OBPM3 / OBPM4 - (In OBPM4 make sure you have given the secured folder path and file name for your variant)

Suggest also to read the complete setup for DMEE payment instruction.
2.  Choose  your payment medium format  and double click

4. Provide your Tree Type and Format Tree

5. Click Change button from the above screen then look for the field you want to change its setup.

6. Click for the Exit module. You may want to set the appropriate length of the field also by changing the Length field below:

7. Click the SOURCE tab of the above screen then you may see the area wherein you can input your exit function.

8. In the exit function, you may use the standard function DMEE_EXIT_TEMPLATE_ABA as long as it is allowed by your organization or you may copy it into a new one. Remember to include all the parameters to avoid encountering a problem later on. Inside the function, you may create a new variable to hold DMEE_PAYM_IF_TYPE structure then you may use the values inside it during runtime. Tables that are associated within that structure are FPAYH, FPAYHX and FPAYP. You may find different available fields within that tables depending on the requirements you are working with.


Alfonso PĂ©rez Arrazubi said...

Thanks you !!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s very useful

riv said...

Alfonso: Yup, Glad to give you useful insight! You are much welcome!

Nope Sanducal said...

DMEE_EXIT_TEMPLATE_ABA is only a template. Or a model function module. My guess is that, you are free to create your own FM by copying the template fm and using the Same function group to utilize the variables needed for the payment, etc. Maybe, you may want also to explore the function group or put something that you can design to make your fm's configurable.

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