Thursday, June 23, 2011

Transferring/receiving data from SAP r/3 to other box or third party software

Many existing organizations run their business from a different systems or platforms. This may include SAP R/3, JAVA J2EE, .NET or legacy systems such as Mainframe/COBOL.

In legacy systems, transferring data is usually done through a dump file or a txt file which has been formatted according to agreed format with the handler system.

In SAP, transferring data is done through IDOC using ALE and EDI technology.

IDOC stands for intermediate document comprises of a segment and fields that forms a certain file layout. In non-SAP system, their IDOC is commonly referred as the input and output dump file or simply text file. In SAP, it is quite more sophisticated and intact. IDOC in SAP world is used as a medium of transferring data to one box or to a third party software.

IDOC will work only by configuring it with ALE and EDI technologies. ALE stands for Application Link Enabling or a technology incorporated by SAP to synchronize and to manage the changes done between data of separate  boxes within SAP only.

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This serves as the medium to transfer or to communicates the IDOC to other system outside SAP in order for them to be transferred and delivered successfully.

Thus, without ALE and EDI, IDOC will not work properly. These three entity should always be observed and maintain properly in order to address sending and receiving of SAP file or data to and fro within and outside SAP.

SAP EDI bounderies:

SAP ALE outbound process

Sending receiving architecture/workflow

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