Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maintaining a table hastle free

Maintaining your customized table with your own tcode and program did ever cross your mind?

There's a very easy way to address your problem by creating a TCODE in se93 and choosing the parameter type tcode. By calling SM30, skipping initial screen then at the bottom part, you may include the table name (add VIEWNAME under name of screen field) and assign whether it can be updated (X) or not (blank) (add UPDATE under name of screen field).

To start with, in SE11 after creating your table, tech settings, etc. go to  Utilities->table maintenance generator. Save your changes.

Prerequisite: Make sure that the below where assigned to table:

If you want to add new fields, you may go to se11--> change--> utilities--> table maintenance generator-->generated objects--change-->new fields table and press enter and generate (click key or normal fields as well as click the screens to regenerate new)

Note: Put &NC& in Authorization Group and the table name in function group field if you don't assign any authorization..

Don't forget to adjust and activate your db in se14. then generate again.You may want also to modify your generated function group codes i.e changing screen layout, column names, etc.

Hope you find this useful. If you have questions or comments, please don't forget to put. Thanks!

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