Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Headache gone with SAP ICM (Incentives and Commission Management)

Many corporations today rely on spreadsheet or home grown applications which is very tedious to maintain esp. for the programmers due for example to ever changing alignment of marketing strategies which affect the setup for incentives and commissions of business partners/sellers/vendors/agents etc.
One of my projects in my previous job, was to develop an application to generate seller's incentives based on the setup given by the sales department. One of our dilemmas is if how are we going to adopt the ever changing incentive setup. In this topic, I will share to you if how SAP ICM resolved this headache .
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Rich said...

As a previous user of SAP I'd rather use a spreadsheet any day! Sorry.........

Nope said...

Hi Rich,

Actually, I'm concerned mostly on the changing incentive/commission formula which is done through a code or program. Because, in my previous company they usually change their computation every now and then depending on the status of the sales/market etc. So, if that happened, we also need to recode and redesign a formula for it. Not only the formula, they also want to change the format of the report depending on the incentives per seller. I created a program for this, but I think it is not as dynamic as they wanted. So, I've done some research and found this SAP ICM. According to SAP, ICM can handle this different setups through a template, but I'm not sure if how this thing can be done without coding or if how dynamic is this as I've never used ICM yet. That's why I included this topic here in case there are some other way other than ICM and thankful for someone giving us such idea.

Juan said...

As an 10+ years SAP consultant with 2+ in ICM, I would say ICM is one of the most flexible modules in SAP. With that being said, it`s far from simple to deploy it and not cheap. But if a company runs ERP with HR, BW and a complex commission schema it`s makes no sense not to install it.
Hope it helps.

Nope said...

Thanks Juan, for sharing your thoughts on this.

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