Monday, March 21, 2011

ABAP Exceptions

Knowing the types of exception handling in ABAP could be helpful in your application.

I learned so far that there are two types of handling exceptions in ABAP. It is through a non-class based and a class based exception classes:

SUMMARY: Untick the class exception in the exception parameter of a method to create a non-class based.

Creating a class based should start your class name in CX_*. Watch out for my next blog.

NOTE:  this is the proper syntax for the attribute '&' as shown in the pic below:
class based attribute check box

Just an addition, you may want also to catch any generic SAP error by using the syntax below:

data OREF type ref to CX_ROOT.
data TEXT type STRING.


catch CX_ROOT into OREF.
      TEXT = OREF->GET_TEXT( ). 

Please check this link from SAP SDN!

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