Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Experience It Was

Hello folks! Wow! It has been a long time since April when I wrote my last blog post about my ABAP Certification. Here we are again to a new beginning - I mean new company, experience, people, and learning. I am looking forward for the task that is assigned to me which will commence by early next year and it will be a knowledge transfer of the new product feature that they have here in my new company. In fact, I have gained a lot of experiences and new skills during that period like CHARM (SAP Change Request Management), HCM, more on Object Oriented Concept, configurations, and the new ABAP Enhancements which I would like to share with you after this topic. But, before that, allow me to share with you first my SAP implementation experience  that happened after that April. That was a very surprising
experience after receiving an email from my manager, after two months of smirking without having any project to keep doing busy with, informing me to meet up with my new project's team leader. When I saw that email, of course, I was excited and hurriedly got up, fixed myself, and arrived at the office less than two hours since I read my manager's email. I was a little bit nervous, because in fact, I was not really prepared to go to work that day. The first thing I did, was to look for the room where I had to meet with our team lead and surprisingly there she was smiling, shook my hand, and we started to talk. After hours of discussing about the project, I found out that I will be handling one of the CHARM functionalities and that caused me too much pressure because I will be presenting my design to the client in two days (given Sat and Sun if I opt to be working on that day). So, I went home and immediately shared the story to my wife just to let out the bad feelings that I am starting to experience with the project.

I was with the project for two months. I was involved in creating the functional and technical design of CHARM. My part was for me to implement the what they so called preliminary import of change request objects that will be transported to various SAP landscapes. Our design and proposals as our solution were being discussed with the client in Germany through conference calls. We had encountered a lot of issues and difficulties in dealing with our clients during that time. As on my part, I had difficulties in understanding and dealing with the communications especially with the client because first of all, I do not have any experience in for example initiating the conference calls and to be the host. Being a newbie on the given situation, I just tried to do my best and to make sure that the deliverables and relevant information should be heard clearly by the client and with the whole team. Secondly, our leads or let's say our Solutions Architect. That was very unfortunate, because they were not experts in CHARM. They just pulled out from other teams  to fill up the role in order for the project to push through.

To make the story short, we were able to finish the project on time and we got no any issues received from the changes that I made. Despite of the difficulties and challenges we'd faced, I have a lot of lessons learned during the brief duration of that project. I learned deeply the concept of object oriented and the characteristics of being a leader. I learned how narrow and wide casting are important in ABAP object oriented as well as the concept of BOL (business object layer) concept of CRM. On the other hand, I learned also that everyone can be a leader. I mean, leadership skills can be exercised by anyone regardless of your duty or position in a given situation or work.

For me, this is brief enough just to describe the detailed experienced that I had encountered in our CHARM project, but what I am trying to imply here is just to give you at least an insight or idea and the important lessons being learned here.

Thanks for reading folks! Till next time!

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