Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally Paid Off! - My SAP ABAP Certification

Already a week has passed in passing my certification in SAP ABAP before I received my hard copy certificate and this is how it looks like:

It took me at least 2 months of reviewing and learning other topics which I did not encounter in my job.

I took the SAP ABAP Certification in Makati office of SAP Philippines in Citibank Tower in April of 2013. I felt nervous, excited and worried that day. I can not help myself but my head keep throbbing and it was very unfortunate time as my father had been rushed to hospital  few days before the examination. Prior to the examination month, I had already prepared myself by reviewing various TAW ebooks - thanks to my colleagues in HP (Hewlett-Packard) who shared me their copies of the reviewers.

Every night, I took at least two  to three hours of reviewing the TAW ebooks one or two topic each day. I started with the first part of the TAW which is the Netweaver Architecture followed by Memories and Data Dictionaries. I had also spent a lot of time in learning the concept of ABAP Object Oriented Concept. I had also filed a vacation leave on the week of exam and I was spending my time reviewing in McDonald branch or Coffee Bean morning or afternoon while enjoying a cup of coffee with cupcake of course.

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